Rob Ruehl


Los Angeles


One-sentence bio

Rob is a digital and IRL maker: telling stories through film, paint, and custom snowboards.

Creative philosophy or approach

I think about who a project is for, and what it will accomplish for them. Using that lens helps me to evaluate how an edit makes me feel and how I think the audience will feel in turn feel. The audience having a genuine positive experience is paramount. Injecting as many moments that spark the desired feeling is the best way to truly connect with your audience. If it makes sense, I try and inject humor into ads. I find that a little chuckle here or there helps to lower people's guard into allowing themselves to have that desired experience.

Recent work I'm proud of

I cut a spot for Ancestry that I'm still proud of. It has everything: an interesting story, a clear benefit from the product, a relatable and honest story teller, and humor. The spot was so successful that it outlasted the other spots from the campaign and continued to be on air for years after!

Recent work I admired

Right now, I'm appreciating anything that acknowledges the current climate in a positive way: McDonald's separating the arches, Bud Light creating a virtual tip jar for bartenders, and Nitro snowboards creating a fund for filmers.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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