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New York • Copywriter


One-sentence bio

I fucking love advertising and don't much like politics, which I guess is why I've been freelancing for the last 20 years.

Creative philosophy or approach

"Tenacious as hell in a quiet way, he'll always go back to the well if he needs to and the work will be great." —Joe O'Neill, ex-ECD, Hal Riney & HHCC/NY.

Recent work I’m proud of

It's been said, if you can make Imodium exciting, you can make anything exciting.

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Richard Pels recent work

Recent work I admired

AeroMexico's DNA discounts campaign, in which they gave discounts to people in select Southern states based on what % Mexican they turned out to be after a DNA test. Brilliant because it changed the perspective of a lot of Southerners who could use a change of perspective, it increased the number of people flying from the US on AeroMexico, and it was funny as hell.

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