Rayne Chapman


Los Angeles



One-sentence bio

I'm a freelance art director + graphic designer always on the hunt for new creative adventures.

Creative philosophy or approach

For me, the power of creativity lies in the ability to bring something new to the table. My approach is to continually explore new perspectives, ideas, and ways of making each campaign asset a point of cultural connection. While my job title is art director, I think of myself as a visual storyteller capable of crafting imagery and content to thrive on any medium.

Recent work I'm proud of

One of the more challenging aspects of creative work is not just coming up with an idea, but then trying to ensure the work produced still emulates the power of the initial concept. You can't let it get watered down.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working on a new business pitch where our idea made it all the way through production with the creative concept still fully intact. The experience of taking an idea from a single copy and image print ad into a fully integrated social and digital campaign was challenging, amazing, and very memorable.

Recent work I admired

It's great to see brands take part in cultural moments in a way that feels sincere to them AND sincere to the cause. That means not just saying [insert brand here] supports [insert cause here], but actually doing something helpful.

This year, for Women's History Month, Hershey made "She" and "Her" chocolate bars celebrating great women musicians, illustrators and other artists. I admire this campaign because it put a creative twist on their iconic packaging by showcasing the fresh and contemporary artwork made by female artists. AND, you could then find their work via the QR codes on the bars.

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