Ravi Singh

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New York • Copywriter



One-sentence bio

Calm. Cool. Seemingly collected.

Creative philosophy or approach

Be risky, but in a way that makes sense with what you're trying to say. There's a fine line between losing the message and being too literal.

Recent work I'm proud of

Our dogs are like our kids, yet we end up needlessly choking them with leashed collars. We let dog owners know that choking is only acceptable for consenting adults with this spec project for Gooby choke-free harnesses.

Link to campaign: http://ravicantsingh.com/gooby

Ravi Singh recent work

Recent work I admired

The "Naughty Or…" spot for NAMI. It isn't an ad with Santa just for the sake of being a holiday ad, but an impeccably written monologue about a serious subject.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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