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Astoria, NY • Executive Producer



One-sentence bio

I live by the motto: "Making content we will be proud of."

Creative philosophy or approach

With a BFA in photography from School of Visual Arts and 20 years of field experience, I started very young. At just 17 years old, I first conquered the publishing industry with an internship at Glamour Mag., while also working as a studio manager and on-set assistant for fashion photographer Jon Ragel. As I continued to grow my career, I shifted gears to representing and producing for a roster of renowned photographers, as an artist’s agent at AFG Management and later Marge Casey. Most recently, I now apply my experience and expertise as a freelancer or full-timer, by producing for advertising agencies, such as Arnold, Lloyd&Co, Directv, Translation, Pereira O’Dell, Interesting Development, YardNYC, AirParisNY, amongst others. I take great pleasure in networking, sharing my ever-evolving industry resources, curating photography work and having the honor to collaborate with new artists and well as innovative consumer brands.

Recent work I’m proud of

In two 10-hour days, I produced content for one brand, to sprinkle throughout 12 months. I couldn't have done it without the incredible talented creative team and 28 person crew. It was an incredibly successful and fun day.

Link to campaign: https://www.instagram.com/crateandbarrel/?hl=en

Recent work I admired

Temptations cat food print ad. It takes bravery for an advertiser/brand/client to agree to have their brand/ad shredded to pieces, yet know it will be impactful with the consumer.

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