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Los Angeles • Writer, Director



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Writer, director who likes to create things with creativity, heart and humor.

Creative philosophy or approach

I start with a super creative idea, then try to personalize it. This adds value and meaning to the things I create. I believe that the right collaboration can make mediocre ideas great, but a wrong collaboration can screw up even a great idea. I don’t get bothered by failures and like to focus on the process of creating things.

Recent work I’m proud of

I worked on the Psycho campaign. It’s a funny water conservation PSA that I made. A parody of the famous shower scene from the Hitchcock film Psycho, it’s about a woman wasting water in her bathroom who is reminded by a killer to save water. The ad was featured on Best Ads of TV, Ads of the World, CulturePub, Shots Magazine, USC Daily Trojan, among others.

Link to campaign: https://vimeo.com/263299021

Rajendra Thakurathi recent work

Recent work I admired

I recently saw this facebook messenger ad directed Michel Gondry that I really admired. I mean I'm a big fan of whatever he does. The ad features the essence and spirit of the product in such a creative, memorable way where people are playing basketball, having a bonfire, working out and taking dance lessons together, but all virtually while using the app. And, it was all made during quarantine. Thought it was a brilliant use of this style and technique.

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