Rafael Feliz





One-sentence bio

Bilingual all around creative.

Creative philosophy or approach

My creative approach is based on welcoming full on collaboration from all disciplines and managing scopes appropriately, understanding the clients needs and making it the challenge to overcome, the bigger the challenge the more creative opportunities to fulfill.

Recent work I'm proud of

I am proud of all my work, based on my philosophy (above) I try to make all work as good as I can possibly me made, sometimes the smaller pieces of work give us creative satisfaction in different ways no job is small enough for creativity to flow. But there's something a project (oldie) that I need to put over everything. And i would love to make more of that type of work work that touches people for the benefit of humanity. (RED)

Recent work I admired

Nike's "Believe in something" Colin Kaepernick's campaign is the most powerful i've seen in the last decade, in my opinion, and that's based on the underlying message it brings up all tide back to the company's mantra Just do it. Politics and beliefs aside, it is all in it's simplicity in execution and humbling message. Just powerful.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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