Phuong Nguyen

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New York • Creative Director


One-sentence bio

I am a creative director and multidisciplinary designer who is passionate about brand, content and experience.

Creative philosophy or approach

My creative approach is by humans for humans. I thrive on visual storytelling and a thoughtful approach to building a brand. I first help companies define and expand their brand identity. This lays a foundation to then develop meaningful creative marketing strategy and authentic advertising campaigns that successfully drive awareness and conversion. My works often challenge creatively and make a unique impression on everyday consumers.

Recent work I’m proud of

Recess branding, content and creative marketing strategy. Weekly content aimed to engage our audience through thought-provoking content and original creations. Various campaigns was well-received by the audience and served as a brand-building channel, driving significant DTC revenue.

Link to campaign:

Phuong Nguyen recent work

Recent work I admired

I admire the launch campaign of &Walsh studio. The campaign did a good job at separating itself from its previous identity while presenting a ground-breaking digital-first approach to creative work.

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