Pedro N. Sacilotto

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Location • Title

New York • Art Director


One-sentence bio

Freaking unstoppable.

Creative philosophy or approach

Creativity my tool and advertising the medium and when both are put together they can change the way people interact with the world and each other for good. That's what I try to bring to every single project.

Recent work I'm proud of

The North Face, "The Store That Sells Nothing," this was one of my projects for this awards season. It's the first North Face store in Egypt and the first store that sells nothing but instead gives knowledge and the tools so women can learn and explore the outsides while feeling safe and good about themselves.

Link to campaign:

Pedro N Sacilotto recent work

Recent work I admired

"Viva la Vulva," besides being an amazing campaign what I love the most is that two guys were responsible for this and it shows how amazing and powerful the power of empathy that putting yourself into other people skin generate and how it's important to create powerful, impactful work.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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