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New York City • Creative Director


One-sentence bio

An art director who can write, a creative director who thinks strategically, and a father of two young girls who keep him humble.

Creative philosophy or approach

I'm a stickler for craft, and for detail. I’m also a big fan of good strategic thinking and how it can help creatives make work that conveys the brand narrative while also speaking to the narratives we humans live.

Recent work I’m proud of

I made some films for an accounting firm that actually wanted humor. It sounds easy, but was actually quite difficult because finance has some narrow guardrails in which to work. Oh, and the budget was tight. But the scripts were good enough (one was a M*A*S*H tribute) for Matt Aselton to direct along with Robert Elswit as DP. Matt and I made fun of our Massachusetts accents throughout the shoot.

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Recent work I admired

Is Ryan Reynolds a campaign? I really like the work he's doing for Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile.

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