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Bangkok, but willing to relocate • Copywriter


One-sentence bio

A REALLY aspiring recent grad copywriter (I actually tattooed a word "Grand Prix" on my arm).

Creative philosophy or approach

Since I decided to pursuing this career I watch awarded works every single day. Joined every advertising competition. Read every book to craft my writing. But then I found out, producing ads with head full of advertising gives me nothing but a shitty work. Realizing that makes me open minded and take my interests in all of disciplines. Design, Poem, Psychology, Literature. My work became a combination of my interests over the years. I try not to produce “ADVERTISING’ISH” ads that people will go “Ew” but invent the idea that real human interested in indeed. 

Recent work I’m proud of

“The Watch to Sleep Movies” a debut campaign for Night Night, drink that helps people fall asleep. The challenges is it's difficulty of noticing the instant and obvious effects of “helps you fall asleep” in first trial, instead of just advertising. I created practical demonstration that helps people experience “fall asleep” benefit. By using ASMR technology that is popular among people having problem falling asleep, combining with entertainment. I remade Thai legendary movies into "watch to sleep" version. The results is people actually use it to help them fall asleep, and it made product out of stock in 3 Days.

Link to campaign:

Pat Cholavit recent work

Recent work I admired

Nike’s “Play for the world” just become one of my favorite campaigns. With just a little twisted of its brand purpose and every athlete’s (in Nike’s meaning) insight that everyone's dream to play for their school, countries, favorite team and now they can even play for the world by just stay inside. How the brand can speak into every consumer's heart with a good purpose message and never left their’s tone and brand idea. It’s such a wonderful campaign. Finally, it really easy and simple idea just a little twist and BOOM! A stunning campaign.

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