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Florida • Creative Director of Video



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Versatile and innovative creative direction and production leader with 17 years’ experience in all aspects of video from pre to post production; having built studios, teams, and workflows, earning verified success in delivering creative, strategy, and innovation to high-profile clients including Disney, Universal, Feld, Nielsen, MTV, HBO, Chanel, National Geographic, and Ubisoft with distribution to NBC, Fox, Stars, Fuse, ESPN, Social Networks and OTT.

Creative philosophy or approach

I'm on a perpetual path to expand storytelling possibilities, fine-tuning the art of solving problems, empowering others with the supernatural powers of production, and distributing knowledge + emotion.

Recent work I’m proud of

360 Advertising, Marketing, and PR campaign for Jurassic World Live Tour; a live arena show extension of the Jurassic World franchise, complete with full-scale remote-controlled animatronic dinosaurs (T-rex + Steg), puppet animatronic dinosaurs (Blue, Velociraptors and a Troodon), actors, vehicles and interactive sets.

Link to campaign: www.jurassicworldlivetour.com

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