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Portland • Senior Content Producer


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I'm Nick, a Senior Content Producer with a Midwestern soul; I have both client and agency side production experience, can lead projects big and small, get them done on time, on budget, and contribute creatively as necessary.

Creative philosophy or approach

The job of a producer is to complete a project in-hand, on budget, on time. With that in mind, the small things matter. Truly listening to your team, to your clients matter. Knowing your project, your versions, your exports matter. Knowing your vendors matter. Setting your team up for their absolute best creative output while always remaining ready for changes when changes come.

Recent work I’m proud of

I produced a spot for Nike International Women's Day campaign, entitled "One Day". The spot celebrated the women who have moved sport forward in the hopes that one day, every day will feel like this one we mark on our calendars. This project came to life on a very quick timeline with many-a client changes in the 11th hour, but I was able to lead our team to the finish line, on time, and was widely celebrated by both the agency and client. Not to mention the cause itself is something that everyone should want to celebrate.

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Nick Roldan recent work

Recent work I admired

Ah, man. That's a tough question. The Google Assistant campaign, specifically the "Loretta" Super Bowl spot, still stands the test of time to me. Perfectly and seamlessly showcases the functionality and features of the product while absolutely pulling at your heartstrings with a brilliant creative piece.

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