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Austin (but will relocate) • Senior Copywriter


One-sentence bio

Every wonder what the Energizer Bunny™ would be like if it were human?

Creative philosophy or approach

If you’re going to take time from someone’s day, the least you can do is make it worth their while. You can make them laugh, make them cry, or if you’re lucky, make them talk. No matter what the goal may be, you should at least make the story you’re telling as entertaining as the content you’re interrupting.

Recent work I’m proud of

I recently worked on a new business pitch for Universal Parks & Resorts. While there was plenty of research put into the strategy, the main ask was to say something that Disney never would, so that’s what we did. Obviously, there was a lot of low-hanging fruit ripe for picking, but the work we landed on was smart, fun, and most importantly had enough potential to run for years to come. Ultimately, Universal Parks & Resorts went in a different direction, but our “Get The Fun Out” campaign was enough to win the business.

Link to campaign: Site Password: NAPessarra

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Recent work I admired

That's easy. The "Sandy Hook Promise: Back-To-School Essentials" ad by BBDO. I actually pitched a very similar idea to my agency at the time, but it was deemed too controversial and was swept under the rug. I applaud BBDO and every person in the room who took a risk to say what needed to be said regardless of who it made uncomfortable. Advertising (at its best) is about more than pushing products and promoting hashtags. It should be about creating change, influencing culture and starting conversations.

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