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Mumbai • Creative Writer

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To me, writing is a sense of liberation. I love to create characters and stories. Lockdown makes my neuron runs faster than ever.

Creative philosophy or approach

Less words more feelings. Less action more impact. For me, creativity comes from within and it's structure can be acquired from the outer world. Creating anything with your mind, body and soul lead to the creation. Life gives us beautiful opportunities to look at the mind blowing colors around us. I feel everything around us is the creation- we just have to observe. Writing is mere the observation - imagination of one's mind which gets shape of words to communicate with the world.

Recent work I’m proud of

I am writing short films and feature length. I wrote a story of a female struggling menopause phase. It for rewarded on various platforms in India. It's called 'Painful Pride'. I loved curating the character. Her love for family makes her feel weak but her inner core gives her strength to know herself well in the menopausal phase. The aim of this film is to reflect light on the stage of women's life which is less discussed in countries like ours. The film features Pallavi Joshi a very brilliant actor of Indian TV industry.

Link to campaign: With the permission of producer, I can share the link of film

Neha Sharma recent work

Recent work I admired

I love all the campaigns by Amul India. And I'd love to work on their campaigns. Other than this, Zomato - a food delivering app came up with - On time or Free- campaign which boosted it's popularity among indians. It is very relatable and give you a sigh of relief for a hungry person to order from the fastest food providers. Sounds interesting and relieving to me.

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