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Encino, Calif. • Senior Trailer & Promo Producer/Editor


One-sentence bio

Out-of-the-box edits, every time.

Creative philosophy or approach

Make something people want to re-watch. Bring something special, unexpected, and fun to each assignment.

Recent work I'm proud of

For Disney Channel's musical feature "Zombies 2" I was asked to create a dark, radical remix of a peppy, upbeat track from the film. "We Got This" was a cheerleader-led, positivity-soaked hand-clapper, without an ounce of edge. Stripping the track down to the stems, stutter-cutting, and adding some ominous drones, I gave Disney Channel a syncopated and psychotic piece - and to my delight, they loved it.

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Recent work I admired

I spent a year on the Mulan campaign, getting thoroughly immersed in the material, and watching the film come together. Two of my spots went into finishing, but were ultimately scrapped when the theatrical release was canceled. Knowing all of the limitations surrounding the available footage, music, sfx, and dialogue, I've been so impressed with the finished spots that have surfaced from other editors. We all worked with the same footage, and it's been a thrill to see the different approaches taken by my peers.

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