Naeme El-Zein




One-sentence bio

Lebanese Canadian art director, creative strategist and writer, living, loving and working (on lockdown) in Montreal with my partner and two feline friends.

Creative philosophy or approach

A storyteller at my core, I seek to find the heartbeat behind a brand and create connection with the person on the other end. I have an interdisciplinary background, with career stops in editorial, design, marketing and advertising, and am a Jill-of-all-Trades. I gravitate toward the unexpected and irreverent, and seek to imbue my work - whether writing, strategy or direction, with humor and a novel approach that delights and surprises.

Recent work I'm proud of

A recent campaign I worked on was Sephora's We Belong to Something Beautiful in conjunction with FLARE magazine. The goal was to create native content that retained the integrity of the original campaign. For this mandate, I conducted mini interviews with the seven individuals highlighted throughout the shoot. The final product were capsule biographies that celebrated the passion and purpose behind each beautiful face.

Recent work I admired

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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