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Mexico • Junior Art Director


One-sentence bio

I’m a Mexican graphic designer. I’m a Mexican illustrator. I’m an international art director.

Creative philosophy or approach

I'm a geek. Playing so many video games in my life has helped and formed my way of thinking and my creative process. All video games can be finished. If you have the patience, life can, too.

Recent work I’m proud of

Nomad for The North Face is my latest student work. The way we approached the brief was a little different. We wanted to inspire women with an article of clothing and invite them to travel, so the women felt confident and safe using it and know they were not alone.

Link to campaign:

Mox recent work

Recent work I admired

Pokémon Go Buddy Adventure: This commercial goes straight to the feelings appealing to a dream that many of us had as children, to have a Pokemon. The storytelling they use is totally emotional, connecting day-to-day situations with the protagonist and his "pokemon". That connection is what I admire.

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