Monica Andrade

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Miami • Junior Art Director


One-sentence bio

Full-time meme expert, freelance makeup artist and former journalist.

Creative philosophy or approach

No matter if I succeed or fail, I always root my projects in real insights. Without a purpose, there is no message. Whether it’s inspiring or challenging others, I try to get people to do just one thing: stop in the moment and think about the work. That's all that matters ... that, and also writing down every random thought that pops up in my head at 3 a.m. on my iPhone. (I have 664 notes so far and counting!)

Recent work I’m proud of

As a beauty fanatic, this is by far my favorite campaign. "Make(Up) Your Mark" shows how makeup is so powerful that women can be identified solely on that alone.

Link to campaign:

Monica Andrade recent work

Recent work I admired

I absolutely love Spotify's latest campaign "Listening Together." It's a fun way to feel connected to a stranger, thousands of miles away. To know that someone somewhere out there is listening to the same song as you at the very exact moment is beyond special.

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