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Dubai • Creative Lead


One-sentence bio

If the world is one big story, I believe in leaving stories that bring purpose and make a difference.

Creative philosophy or approach

To work for the work that keeps us awake. The work that makes us uncomfortable, challenges us. The work that believes in us to present to the world. The work that works to change, shatter, disrupt.

Recent work I’m proud of

Pakistan has a missing children problem and not enough resources to find them. To solve this, we painted the backs of the truck with the faces of the missing children in traditional "truck art". The trucks went around the country. The campaign ultimately lead to finding 3 missing children.

Link to campaign:

Moiz Khan recent work

Recent work I admired

Our frontline healthcare workers are no doubt the heroes of this war against COVID-19. Dove's recent campaign "Courage is beautiful" shows marks that the PPE equipment has left on their faces. Its heartbreaking to see the pain that they are going through and heartwarming to see the undying kindness of the human spirit.

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