Mohamed Elsadig Saeed

Mohamed Elsadig Saeed

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Khartoum, Sudan • Copywriter


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One-sentence bio

Passionate, obsession-level creative. My life now is about chasing my dreams, trying to be a free bird with one life purpose.

Creative philosophy or approach

If I get stuck in your head in a nice and relevant way, you will consider me as a choice. You will give me a chance to enter your life. If I'm an honest product, you will give me a place in your life. If I'm a dishonest product, you will never let enter again. My philosophy is to make soul touching and "worth looking at" communication deeply relevant to the consumer in order to get products in the doors of people's lives.

Recent work I’m proud of

Faisal Islamic Bank. I had no information, no brief. They just said they wanted a campaign to make them look more like a local bank than a foreign bank. No strategic planner. No creative director. Just a one-man show. I found, after research, that my country has a unique diversity with hundreds of small ethnic groups. And that's it. The one who knows you most is you. We know you, and that's why we celebrate the best of you. The best of us. I used a mosaic image of Sudanese ethnic groups, and the headline (in English): "From every color and place. We all love this place."

Mohamed Elsadig Saeed recent work

Recent work I admired

Mohamed Hamdallah's work for Juhayna Dairy's new packaged lunches.

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