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New York • Art Director


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An art director who believes he will be the next big thing in the advertising world!

Creative philosophy or approach

I believe if you have something to offer it should never feel like a competition but rather a community where we join our forces together to create the best work possible. I like to create work that adds something positive to the life of our audience. I always try to think crazy and keep my approach open while I consider criticism and failure as my best friends. In the end, it's about looking back at your work and telling yourself, "I did something good for the people in the society."

Recent work I'm proud of

I am proud of all my work But to mention one - I would say "NewFest" (2018) which is a New York LGBTQ Film Festival that gives voice and visibility to the full spectrum of the LGBTQ experience by empowering our diverse community. We used the iridescent to create a symbol of love and unity and took over the streets of New York, time square, bus shelters to share it with the community.

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Mitesh Addhate recent work

Recent work I admired

Nike: You Can't Stop Us by Wieden + Kennedy This is hands down one of the best ads I have seen. I admire the thought and the amount of work it took to create the video is just insane. It is just brilliant how it shares different stories and combines them together to create such an amazing piece of work.

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