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Tel-Aviv • Junior Copywriter


One-sentence bio

Someday, I will look back at this one-sentence bio and say: "I could have written it better."

Creative philosophy or approach

I believe that creativity is a quality we are born with, but also a skill that can be improved within time. As a creative person, I always look at myself as a stock being traded in the stock market. Everything I do, I do as an investment in me, so others will want to invest in me as well. Every class or course, every eye-opening conversation with a colleague or another student, and every inspiring ad help me to develop, grow and become the best creative version of myself.

Recent work I'm proud of

Recently I have worked on a student campaign for LEGO that inspires teens to rebuild their world with the bricks. Alongside Lisa Kirmsse, Thit Lin Venning & Stephany Schlappkohl, we have explored the mental health benefits of interacting with LEGO. Thousands of teens in the UK are willing to harm their mental health by abusing the addictive prescription drug Ritalin as a study aid to score perfect grades and cope with everyday lives pressure. "Take A Brick" is an initiative meant to inspire teens to ditch performance-enhancing drugs by encouraging them to turn to the ultimate remedy within: Creativity.

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Maya Schneider recent work

Recent work I admired

Foster's "Half Products" campaign by adam&eveDDB is one of those campaigns that make you say "Why didn't I think of it?" The insight that fits these times is simple, yet brilliant- Why have a whole product when the person on the other side of the call can only see half of it? And the fact that all proceeds are going to COVID-19 relief funds is just the cherry on top.

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