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Melbourne • Art Director


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An art history student who wandered into advertising and hasn't looked back.

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Growing up I always wanted to be an art historian, so I eventually studied it at university. For me art history is a form of anthropology, it helps us understand who we are, and how we got this way.

Much like art, advertising is a reflection of the now. But more so than art, advertising permeates all of our identities, it defines and guides human behavior on a global scale. Advertising is creative anthropology applied.

Recent work I'm proud of

June 2020, X2 TVCs, BQQ and BATH

Australian Gas Networks needed to drive consideration with an Australian audience that's spoiled for choice. Their biggest edge was that unlike cheaper electrical alternatives, mainline connected gas never runs out or switches off in blackouts.

With this endless supply of gas, customers can endlessly do what they love. So we imagined how far some people might take this…

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Matthew Bladin recent work

Recent work I admired

Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite - #FreeFortnite

Epic Game's recent swing at Apple does a few really awesome things. Hijacking their classic 1984 ad as a way of saying they've become what they stood against is clever. But secretly developing the film to launch it the same day as their lawsuit against them is diabolical.

They knew the cultural impact the lawsuit would have, and they understand the cultural speed that their audience operates at. So, this film isn't just a creative middle-finger to apple, it's a genius play in controlling the cultural narrative.

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