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Kansas City, but open for FT/freelance


One-sentence bio

I'm a creative workhorse, strategically sound thinker, and a positive influence on the work and the people around me.

Creative philosophy or approach

Be kind. Be humble. Be interesting.

Recent work I’m proud of

This is a small initiative, but I'm proud of it. While I was at Bernstein-Rein we announced our new CBD client Bluebird Botanicals by creating a product just for our industry. The name was something we've all said a thousand times - It's Only Advertising. Self-care is what we all need more of. Again it was small but smart. And that's all that matters.

Link to campaign:

Mark Moll recent work
Recent work I admired

It's hard to balance brand purpose and what's going on in the world. One that I thought did it well was Buffalo Wild Wings and The Martin Agency. Simple, fun, and reminds people that it's still okay to play.

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