Mark Maziarz


Redondo Beach, Calif.


One-sentence bio

I'm an award winning freelance creative director and writer with over 18 years of experience in advertising.

Creative philosophy or approach

Every brand has a great story to tell. It could buried deep in its history. It could be a document of the next moonshot. Or it could be something completely made up that's so dumb and fun that you just can't ignore it. I'm obsessed with unearthing those stories and telling them.

Recent work I'm proud of

I had the pleasure of leading a team of eight fearless creatives to completely reinvent the Carls Jr. brand. With the Pioneers of the Great American Burger campaign, we made the provocative fast food chain matter in culture once again, and a whole new audience started coming into the restaurant.

Recent work I admired

I love the ever-expanding universe that KFC has built around the Colonel. From hilarious stunts and films, to fun apparel, to hard driving value-focused work, they've managed to take fairly simple product offerings and make them huge cultural events. Not bad for some chicken in a box.

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