Marek Mulenko

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Paris • Photographer & Marketing Specialist


One-sentence bio

Born in Poland, shaped by Berlin, settled in Paris, because Paris is always a good idea - yet constantly on the journey of doing beautiful things.

Creative philosophy or approach

In my work, I strive to capture what is difficult to maintain in an image: sensations, hesitation, touch, silence, smell – these elements spread throughout my commercial and artistic projects.

Recent work I’m proud of

I shot a collection Structured Fragility of an Italian designer, Santo Spada, where we tried to recreate the moment of preparation for a big night, creating a timing and delicate interactions with the dresses.

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Marek Mulenko recent work

Recent work I admired

The new Hermes lipsticks shot by David Abrahams, for its simplicity and majestic look given to the tiniest products.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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