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Los Angeles • Copywriter & Digital Marketer


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A writer inspired by well-being and always in beta.

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As a copywriter, my goal is to make people FEEL something, and to do this powerfully and originally. This desire to connect with words comes from my love of reading and my passion for storytelling and excellent prose. I have experience across a wide range of industries, verticals and channels, but at the end of the day it always comes back to that essential need to connect with people and to reach them. A voracious reader with a design background and a passion for social, racial, environmental and economic justice, my greatest gift as both a writer, a creative and an individual is my ability to connect with people and to use my powers of communication to meet them where they are.

Recent work I’m proud of

I’m very proud of a commercial film treatment I worked on for Etsy. The client and agency pitched us with the idea and the brief. The idea: a commercial about the power of personal belongings, the stories we attach to our stuff. I read the brief, and I also read into the underlying un-met need beneath the brief. I used my powers of intuition, empathy, visual storytelling and my cultural competency to interpret how my treatment could complement their creative. I wrote the vision for the treatment, as well as the copy within our pitch. I also did extensive visual research to express the look, feel and vibe of our treatment through photos. My client won the job, and we secured the rights to direct this international campaign with a $500,000 budget. It was an extremely gratifying project to work on from beginning to end, from concept, to pitch creation, to being on-set. It was lovely to see our vision come to life.

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Recent work I admired

I highly admire the work of LeBron James’ athlete-empowerment agency, Uninterrupted. Working to serve and give voice to those who previously have been ignored, pandered-to, dismissed or ignored in the advertising and marketing space, Uninterrupted’s work give voice to and power to those who have previously been treated as a monolith. Their most recent campaign, ‘More Than a Vote’ was started to combat voter-suppression in Black communities during the time of COVID-19. The group does not act as a policy or political machine, but they remain tireless and focused in their mission to get as many people as possible registered to vote, engaged in the political process and encouraged to use their voice. The campaign spans social, digital, print, web, PR and live-events. Most recently, the group partnered with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. To ensure formerly incarcerated American citizens in Florida are able to pay their outstanding fines and fees in order to be cleared to vote in the 2020 election and beyond, More Than A Vote developed a digital campaign to raise money and support for them by allowing interested individuals the ability to purchase digital tickets to a streamed showing of the John Lewis documentary, ‘Good Trouble.’ I look forward to seeing what else ‘More Than A Vote’ does in the days leading up to the 2020 election.

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