Lea San Martano

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New York City • Copywriter



One-sentence bio

Curious copywriter on Earth trying to create ads that make people feel something.

Creative philosophy or approach

Think about it 100 different ways then start over again. Don't stop till the idea makes you jump out of your chair with such excitement you have to bite your tongue not to tell everyone about it.

Recent work I’m proud of

UberEats food bank project that allowed users to seamlessly donate and deliver food directly to homeless people in their neighborhoods.

Link to campaign: https://leasanmartano.com/UberEats

Lea San Martano recent work

Recent work I admired

GoDaddy's campaign "Open" was the first Coronavirus campaign I saw and it was very touching which is surprising for a brand like GoDaddy. I liked that it didn't mention the virus or washing your hands or staying inside but rather had an inspiring message that related directly to their brand while providing something to their target market.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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