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Amsterdam • Art Director


One-sentence bio

I am an art director with strong concepting skills and big curiosity for almost everything.

Creative philosophy or approach

I believe that in the craft of insights as a way to achieve impactful and meaningful ideas. That is why I always try to understand the psychology behind human behaviors, so that ideas can talk to people, instead of advertisers or even audiences. Without that insight, you can have a stunning execution, yes. But it can also be easily forgotten. And that's worst than not having likes on Instagram.

Recent work I’m proud of

I am really proud of the consent rating because it is a great example of how a human insight can solve a hard brief. The result is a simple way to use pop culture as an ally with an idea that can be executed in a simple way and communicated in all media. *spec work for JongeHonden*

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Laura Colored recent work

Recent work I admired

"The Cleanest Porn Ever," from Pornhub, and in general all their campaigns and how they have challenge the way we see and talk about porn.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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