Kyle Goldhoff

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Chicago • Creative Producer


One-sentence bio

James Beard Award nominated producer with content experience ranging from TV to live to social videos spanning topics from sports to culinary.

Creative philosophy or approach

I believe with creativity and teamwork any project can be accomplished and story can be told.

Recent work I'm proud of

I was challenged to create a hype/launch video for The Great Big Jewish Food Festival last Monday, May 11th for the festival launches on Tuesday, May 19th. After a lot of back and forth on vision and feasibility with making something out of nothing, I am extremely proud of the 30 second video my Director of Photography/editor and I were able to produce.

Link to campaign: not available yet

Kyle Goldhoff recent work

Recent work I admired

A campaign that I though was really creative was the commercial show for Farmer's Insurance during the TaylorMade Driving Relief Tournament on May 17th. It was with Ricky Fowler and was a creative way to announce that golf is back-ish. Also an easy commercial to produce given the current restrictions.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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