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Stockholm, Sweden



One-sentence bio

I'm a creative and strategic storyteller with a solid academic background in marketing communications.

Creative philosophy or approach

A conceptual copywriter by trade, I think visually and express those visuals with creative and strategic storytelling. I’ve done this to solve communication challenges for a variety of Swedish and international brands. I have a soft spot for all things innovative and mobile, but I've produced work in nearly every channel. I’ve cracked behavioural and consumer insights, and written creative briefs and conceptual narratives off the back of them. I’ve also inspired colleagues and clients, I love to present, and I've been recognised with a few awards along the way.

Recent work I’m proud of

This is all about a small, local beverage maker, and their need to secure their organic positioning. At first we talked about making their drink cartons as organic as the juice inside. But that escalated into saving the bees. So we not only needed a social campaign to sell juice, but we also needed to develop a new flavour that bees loved, source organic seeds (in the off season), and redesign the packaging. And of course keep the core idea intact – even in publicity efforts with a diverse group of collaborating companies and NGOs. Said and done.

Link to campaign: https://vimeo.com/210936465

Kurt Beren Geiger recent work

Recent work I admired

I really am envious of the campaign done by the production company The Mill, together with the sustainable mattress brand, Avocado Green Mattress. Without a creative agency at the helm, the two managed to craft not only a heart-wrenching, emotional film, but an educational children’s book that captured my imagination. Not too mention doing a world of good at the same time. So much so, that I actually purchased a copy of The Little Blue Planet on Amazon as a birthday gift to my young niece. Now that’s a job well done.

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