Kenny Friedman




One-sentence bio

Professional creative leader and amateur trouble and t-shirt maker who needs to add a conclusion to make this a sentence.

Creative philosophy or approach

Collaboration, honesty and a "how can we make this better" attitude. My passion is growing amazing and healthy creatives because I know the best way to get great work is to have a great team.

Recent work I'm proud of

My most recent one would be a website design for a CPG client. It was honestly just a normal medium size site but the team hadn't designed a site before (or led a photo shoot) so I guided them on both journeys. The site looks great and I'm super proud of them.

Recent work I admired

The Illinois All In campaign. It's still being rolled out but the beauty of using the IN from Illinois is fantastic. I come form the art side but love copy and playing with words.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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