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San Francisco • Freelance Copywriter & Brand Consultant


One-sentence bio

I help companies of all sizes with copy, content, and crafting their unique brand voice. And occasionally I make funny videos.

Creative philosophy or approach

I'm here to collaborate with, and ultimately serve, the client. It's not about telling a client what they want. It's about helping them better understand what they want and then bringing in best practices to get results.

Recent work I’m proud of

Just finished up a complete rebrand for a chat app, including brand book, messaging framework, and website refresh, in collaboration with a small but mighty branding studio.

Link to campaign:

Ken Grobe recent work

Recent work I admired

I love that Good Humor recruited RZA to Replace the old, potentially racist "Turkey in the Straw" ice cream truck jingle and come up with something new. Cones Rule Everything Around Me!

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