Katherine Rocheleau


Portsmouth, N.H.



One-sentence bio

I help brands and leaders ignite tremendous growth through story and strategy.

Creative philosophy or approach

Within every obstacle lies an opportunity to grow and succeed. I believe small steps, true grit and creative collaboration lead to big breakthroughs.

Recent work I'm proud of

I am proud of the work I am doing in higher education (Northeastern University, UMass Dartmouth and MIT) right now. These are strange and scary times, and the world wants to put limits on everything (and sometimes for good reason). Education breakthrough limits. Now more than ever, institutions are finding new and more effective ways to reach a multitude of students from diverse backgrounds, ages and locations. These students—many of them older adults, working parents and/or people who feel stuck in their jobs want to accelerate their career, feel more fulfillment, do more and be more. They want to live a more meaningful and authentic life and education is one of the fastest, most effective ways to get there. Online education is changing. In-class education is changing. Knowledge is power and I want to bring better education access to students who want it.

Please see Northeastern University and UMass Dartmouth on my portfolio site.

Recent work I admired

It's not a global campaign. But there is a movement happening in Portsmouth, Portland and the southern coastal New England cities right now. Creatives with families are crafting messages of hope—signs in windows, murals on walls, street art, light shows. I want to be a part of it. I want to be the person that uses their creativity to serve the greater good, even if it's just making my neighbors feel a little less down.

Second to that, I loved the Loretta campaign from Google. The quickest way to inspire and empower an audience is to connect through emotions, to remind us that we are all just humans doing our best in love and life.

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