Justin Hooper


Portland, Oregon



One-sentence bio

Contract Creative Director who enjoys making work that people other than ad people notice and enjoy. Ok, maybe also ad people.

Creative philosophy or approach

I'm a fan of getting to the 'best idea' as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible. And by best idea, I mean an idea that is genuinely disruptive in its category, an idea that generates conversation and provokes some form of emotional response, and an idea that is–above all–effective for its client.

Recent work I'm proud of

Going to a live event is awesome. But everyday life can sometimes get in the way of 'live.' So to show of how StubHub always has your back, we created a campaign of twenty :06 un-skippable pre-roll videos, along with other short form social videos to hit on StubHub's "Reasons to Believe" in memorable, relevant and, above all, entertaining ways. The campaign resulted in a 400% ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend.)

Recent work I admired

Most recently, I really enjoyed the Miami Ad School spec campaign for Netflix Spoilers to reinforce the shelter in place orders throughout the country. Partly because it reminds of me how much unadulterated fun we all used to have back in ad school when there were absolutely no limits, briefs, or additional layers to generating a great simple idea. And partly because it's the definition of 'disruptive' for the category as a whole. If it were really produced, it would generate 10-100x spend and reach in earned media.

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