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One-sentence bio

An 'empathic' left handed, right brained intuitive copy & content writer specializing in hi-fidelity writing that replaces redundancy with more vibrant, hi-fidelity, relatable, and actionable meaning that shapes and converts audience perception into tangible 'action'.

Creative philosophy or approach

Who' or 'what' brings impact to a meaningful message? Is it the author intention? Is it the audience perception? The truth is it's a dance of both—with 'context' providing the dance floor and tone & style providing the music.

I take a research-focussed approach to marrying the author 'intention' with the audience 'perception' to make both move fluidly in lockstep—because THAT'S the sweet spot and that's what you'll pay for.

The magic happens when you surprise the reader just enough to keep reading, but not so much that they stop. My sole focus is to find and sustain that 'Goldie Locks' moment and to make it count.

Recent work I'm proud of

I recently undertook a 7-month ghost writing project with VoCoVo (You'll see VoCoVo IoT retail headsets worn by teams at Halfords, Dunelm, Tesco, Aldi, Waitrose, Sainsbury's etc) Growing 1029%, VoCoVo were recently named in Deloitte's 'UK Tech Fast-50' list of top, growing UK tech companies.

The project included regular, long-form 'thought leadership' blogs, SEO-optimized, and ghost-written as several company personas, including a leadership-team Director and several of his Business Dev team.

The aim: to reflect through content VoCoVo's clear market leader position with bold industry narratives that help shape the broader industry conversation about the future of Retail as being 'online PLUS offline' rather than 'online vs offline'. Also, to drive improvements in global Alexa website ranking.

From start date (September 2019), The VoCoVo website enjoyed three months of consecutive record traffic, jumping over 6 million positions in the Alexa website rankings.

I also produced numerous event collateral pieces, product datasheet battlecards instrumental in winning new business, and helped shape newly branded web-copy for an upcoming website and brand relaunch.

Recent work I admired

I very much admired a recent campaign by Spotify that tapped into research showing that their key audience and target market were unexpectedly listening more and more to older, now 'retro' music. They produced a simple, now quite famous ad campaign that tapped into that moment and captured the essence of the nostalgia with very simple, color gradients combined with large, bold year dates and clever, insightful copy drawing kooky parallels between the different musical eras, an their key musical personas.

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