Juli Wright

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Colonia, N.J. • Newly Graduated Film Student

One-sentence bio

A self-motivated team player who will do anything to get their foot in the door.

Creative philosophy or approach

Throughout my time in college, I spent a lot of time working on experimental pieces. My approach was always to create unique films with a bare amount of equipment. That process is helped by my ability to shoot for coverage and then work in post until I have stripped the piece to its most crucial parts.

Recent work I’m proud of

A project I’m particularly proud of is the last project I created while in quarantine. It is called “Chimera 20.” Chimera is something that is hoped for or wished for, but is illusory or impossible to achieve. The 20 represents the current year. Together with the footage, this film represents how just about every day in 2020 has felt random and negative. People are trying to grow, but the invisible force field 2020 has brought on will not allow it.

Link to campaign: https://youtu.be/nnECwAfI1yI

Recent work I admired

A campaign that I thought highly of was the “iHob” campaign. “Switching bait” to a burger house after decades of being a pancake house fired people. It was an intelligent way to lure people to their restaurant.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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