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New York • Creative Director / Brand Marketer


One-sentence bio

Experienced creative director and brand marketer with an affinity for campaign development, strategy, and events within the arts, consumer, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, media, sports, and tech industries.

Creative philosophy or approach

For me, it's all about a fully immersive exploratory approach for myself, my team, and eventually those who will engage with our creative work. I like to focus on storytelling and crafting experiences that translate cohesively across multiple platforms to maximize the exposure of our message. I always try to position the concept in a way that prompts inspiration among viewers, encouraging them to further enhance a portion of their lives through what our brand has to offer.

Recent work I’m proud of

I'm proud of our "Global Sounds" campaign, designed for an audio brand showcasing its new line at CES. Global Sounds showcased diverse multicultural personalities from around the world brought together by sound, promoting inclusivity. The campaign included creative lifestyle visuals, digital & print ads, public relations, and an experiential booth activation recognized as one of the "Most Attention-Grabbing" at CES.

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Joseph Gualtiere recent work

Recent work I admired

I really admired Adobe's "Creativity for All" campaign, as the visuals and messaging were captivating enough to inspire creatives to create, and consumers to enrich their lives through art. Also admired the simplicity of the "Vimeo Can Help" campaign, highlighting what it does best, but also what it doesn't.

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