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Ciudad de México • Senior Copywriter


One-sentence bio

Historian and music lover living a crush with advertising.

Creative philosophy or approach

As a historian, I see the advertising as one of the voices of the present and past, the voice of social causes and the voice of the cultural change of our society. The advertisers like us should be honest with the audience, because we’re the human face of the brands, and as Ben Parker (Spiderman’s uncle) says, “with great power comes great responsibility.” We have the power to transform society but also to create ideas that represent the worst of society. We can decide. I decide to change the world for better.

Recent work I’m proud of

Aspirina Sound Off. My first approach with the pharma was a big challenge, the challenge to develop a campaign for millennials with one of the oldest brand in the market. With music and technology we created a new experience for the audience, developing silent parties before concerts following our core idea “Desconéctate del dolor, conéctate a lo que más te gusta.” But the No. 1 highlight was create a new concert experience, the silent concert with Bronco and Fobia, two of the most famous bands in Mexico. Amazing experience for the brand, the audience, the bands, and of course, me.

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Jorge Luis Tellez Salazar recent work

Recent work I admired

It's not a campaign but all the media and brand coverage for Chicago Bulls’ The Last Dance. It’s crazy. Crazy because in a world without sports, a documentary was a highlight for sports fans and showed us how the world changes our perception of the past and our way to communicate with others. A big dunk in Covid-19 reality.

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