Jorge Larrain


Miami, Florida


One-sentence bio

I am a person with an entrepreneurship spirit

Creative philosophy or approach

Technological developments are affecting human creativity in the long term.

Recent work I'm proud of

Bedrooms are more than just a physical space. Bedrooms are an extension of our personality. A place where creativity is born and where it eventually thrives, especially in Latin America, where it's not uncommon for young people to stay in their childhood home and room well into their 30s.

In this short film, Converse wanted to explore and celebrate the different life stages young creatives have with their bedrooms and how the relationship with their rooms evolve throughout the years. From when they create their own identity, away from their parents design, to when they come back to find what inspired them as young adults. By joining these artists in their bedrooms, we'll discover what inspired them and what continues to inspire them to create.

Recent work I admired

The Autograph, developed by creative agency GUT with Canadian directors Jon and Torey were leading the creative vision from behind the camera. The team recreated a 1960s Tim Hortons restaurant, accurately replicating every detail from the sign outside to the napkins used at the time. In preparation for the shoot, it became clear that playing the role of young Wayne Gretzky was every young Canadian actor's dream – more than 68,000 Canadian boys auditioned for the role.

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