Jon Eckman




One-sentence bio

A writer and creative director who has spent 20 years connecting brands and people in meaningful ways.

Creative philosophy or approach

Brand storytelling is at the heart of any great work, and it is media agnostic. I believe ideas and insights must be central to any great work. I believe selling proposition must be singular but never confused with the insight and creative strategy which drives big ideas.

I am a firm believer that if the consumer does not truly feel something positive about your brand you've lost them. I believe the best work creates an emotional connection between brands and people.

Recent work I'm proud of

Last year, I oversaw a major rebrand for faucet maker Moen. We created a campaign truly driven by brand purpose and insight, we bet that if we could get people to feel differently about their daily interactions with water, they would think differently about Moen. We launched a fully integrated campaign elevating the role water plays in shaping our daily life and how Moen innovates with this in mind. We then hired a water director and pushed out the first ever water census on social media.

Recent work I admired

I thought the 2019 effort from HP to get back to living in the real world was refreshing, particularly coming from a technology company. Sure HP make digital printers and laptops, but the message served as a powerful reminder that what HP truly makes is simply a means to an end - empowering us to get the most out of the world in which we live.

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