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Los Angeles • Creative Producer/Copywriter


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I have spent the past eight years working at ad agencies in creative producer/account management roles, specializing in film/TV but interested in expanding my horizons.

Creative philosophy or approach

I try to find the legitimate value of the product or service and try to bring it to people whose life would truly be improved by it—whether it's an inspiring film, a fashion/beauty product that gives confidence, or a household item that would free up time and energy for a busy individual. When I get assigned the product, I immerse myself in it and try to see it from every angle, whether it's distilling it to a primal emotion, or a more concrete practical benefit. And 9 times out of 10, I like to make it fun.

Recent work I’m proud of

I have recently been writing a lot of AV scripts for talent day shoots that promote film and TV shows using the cast. With the various parties involved in these corporate entertainment companies involved, a lot of work will get lost in the shuffle or noted to the point that the work is unrecognizable. However, I finally got to see my work read verbatim by Nick Jonas to promote the latest Jumanji film. I did not personally attend the shoot, so I didn't know exactly how it went until I got the raw footage hard drive, and I don't think I have ever been more excited about something in my entire life. The piece was promoting a TikTok challenge, but Nick was trying (and failing) to sell the audience on his own platform, "NickTok," that I coined. The piece went live on official Jumanji channels, and I am so proud to have something that I think truly represents my sense of humor be seen by such a wide audience. Any apparently, the term "NickTok" really caught on at the Sony offices as well!

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Recent work I admired

I really loved what Popeyes has done with their chicken sandwich launch. For one, the sandwich is great and I've always been a fan of Popeyes. I love that this not-necessarily high end brand has achieved such buzz and success with a product that people have literally lined up around the block for. Secondly, the indirect Chick-fila shade was a stroke of genius (Open on Sundays). And though it SHOULD have been frustrating to have the chicken sandwich be sold out when visiting a Popeye's, I was immediately charmed by their colloquial "BRB" signage. All of these factors spoke to their audience, which in this case, was me. I love that chicken at Popeyes.

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