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Dallas • Copywriter


One-sentence bio

Just a copywriter who has tried the fish 'n' chips at SeaWorld.

Creative philosophy or approach

During my first internship, a random creative director boldly declared "Be absurd, yet on point!" While I never saw them again, the advice they imparted has stuck with me ever since. Perhaps I should try and find out they live and thank them.

Recent work I’m proud of

Wingstop Virgins. It was the first time out of portfolio school where I got to be directly involved with every step of the creative process. And the CMO couldn't stop laughing at the script which was nice.

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Joel Austin recent work

Recent work I admired

Moldy Whopper. It's simple, broke the mold (pun partially intended) on traditional fast food photography, and convinced my sister to quit being a vegetarian.

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