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Philadelphia • Freelance Writer & Creative Marketing



One-sentence bio

I write and curate a music newsletter focusing on 1/2 new music and 1/2 industry updates.

Creative philosophy or approach

I believe in building up the people around me, which is why I try to highlight rising artists and my friend's projects in articles and newsletters. Community building is transmuted into my creative process.

Recent work I’m proud of

I haven't worked on a recent campaign, other than my own work. I am very proud of the way my newsletter is turning out. In my most recent piece, I highlighted a rising artist who might otherwise fly under someone's radar yet deserves to be heard.

As the recording industry and music business continues to change, this week I once again shared the trends, data, insights, research, and analysis to keep my readers informed,

Link to campaign: https://arpeggio.substack.com/p/the-latest-music-and-tiktoks-new

Jim Seykot recent work

Recent work I admired

I've enjoyed the founder of Oatly's campaign to create brand awareness. The product is a dairy-free alternative to milk, so the video features him a song, which isn't supposed to sound good, but Oatly added text on the video screen of his lyrics, "Wow no Cow." I think a lot of brands don't add text to video because it doesn't look cinematic, but this campaign is almost a microcosm of popular TikTok content.

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