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New York • Associate Creative Director/Art Director


One-sentence bio

Terrible at quarantine cooking, better at quarantine art directing/designing. Would give anything to watch the Mets blow a 4-run lead in the 9th inning right about now.

Creative philosophy or approach

I like to try and solve a creative challenge from all sorts of different ways in. Safe ways. Crazy ways. Cheap ways. Higher budget ways. Sometimes it also takes talking out a dumb idea just to get it out of your head so you can move on...kinda like purging the system a bit. I find working in the morning or just taking a break and walking around helps me kick up ideas. Something about physically moving really helps concepting.

Recent work I’m proud of

Recently I was fortunate enough to produce a :60 spot for AmEx with my writer partner David Black under our fantastic global ECD Julie Scelzo. We were tasked with relaunching the AmEx Green Card to millennials. It was probably the most fun we've had on a shoot in a long time. The clients were great, the cast was so natural and fun, I got to finally work with Randy Krallman and we got not just one but two corgis in the spot. You guys did a nice breakdown of the campaign for us on your site a few months ago.

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Recent work I admired

Ahh, it's gotta be Nike's "Dream Crazier" featuring Serena Williams. Every time I watch it I get chills and want to get up off the couch and run ... well more like rollerblade.

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