Jennifer Gough


Richmond, Va.


One-sentence bio

As a creative public relations specialist, I am bringing my positive viewpoint to collaborations with forward-focused people creating vibrant messages for each client.

Creative philosophy or approach

Combining my strengths of reliability and communications, I seek to make the most out of all aspects of mass communications. I try to make graphics that make people stop and think about what the brand represents and why it should be important to them.

Recent work I'm proud of

As a communications intern at Health Brigade, I worked on the social media campaign for Giving Tuesday, a nationwide online fundraising event. I created the theme by deconstructing their logo and putting meaningful quotes to help people understand the reason for the event.

Recent work I admired

As a woman myself, but thinking more about my daughter, I really admire the Dove Beauty Campaign. We are so bombarded with images of what the perfect woman should be, Dove using women that look more like me, flawed skin, etc and pointing out that every person is beautiful in whatever skin they are in. We need more of this in social media marketing campaigns.

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