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Madrid, Spain • Art Director



One-sentence bio

According to my diplomas, I'm on my way of being an art director. According to me, just a very curious, hard working guy who likes to think and focus on bringing good and creative solutions to different situations.

Creative philosophy or approach

As many professionals and artists says: "Ideas doesn't come just out of nowhere, most of the time they come out of persistence, curiosity, reading, asking, been alive."

Recent work I'm proud of

I'll choose this campaign because at the beginning there was no campaign or brief to work on. We decided to create the opportunity. The Spanish Royal Academy was including new meanings to several words in the dictionary, and all of these meanings were related to one of the biggest events in my country: The Christmas Draw. We managed to get in touch both institutions and created an event, with an ad campaign surrounding it, just to present these new meanings. It was all over the news in Spain :)

Link to campaign: https://javierace.com/rae-loterias

Javier Alcobendas Castro recent work

Recent work I admired

Most certainly, the last campaign for Bankinter Spain. According to the current quarantine situation, the whole ad creates a solid story telling, encouraging people to stay home in order to enjoy in the future what we like to do when all this is over, everything just based on the illustrations money bills all over the world have print on their surface. As an art director, I think it is a really outstanding, simple and beautiful ad piece.

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