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Bogotá, Colombia • Senior Copywriter



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A creative copywriter with more than seven years of experience in advertising.

Creative philosophy or approach

I’m passionate about ideas that are culturally relevant. It doesn’t matter if it shows the benefits of a product or makes a brand statement. I believe strategy and creativity are important to people who are increasingly aware of what is happening around them, who also take sides in bigger discussions and want to make a change. An idea can be funny, entertaining or inspiring, but to me the most powerful and memorable ones are those that transgress, because they aren’t afraid to address greater issues of humanity and can even start a conversation.

Recent work I’m proud of

NARCOSTORE.CO. A campaign who showed the true legacy of Pablo Escobar Gaviria, the famous Colombian criminal. The entertainment industry throughout the years has created a fictional image around him, which has been highly profitable. So we launched a webpage with unique designed products inspired by the drug lord and colombian cartels. When people tried to buy them, they were confronted by real norcoterrorism victims, who asked them to instead of spending the money to buy the product, make a donation to the Colombia Con Memoria Foundation to financially aid the families of more than 10 thousand fatalities from drug-dealing, who are still living in Colombia and need help with their legal fees.

Link to campaign: jaimeajimenez.myportfolio.com/narcostore

Jaime Jimenez recent work

Recent work I admired

Adidas "Billie Jean King Your Shoes". They took a historic moment in sports and an icon like Billie Jean to launch a special edition of sneakers in an incredible campaign that has it all. It’s a promo, it’s an activation, it’s a hack to their competitors, it’s a brand statement but above all it’s a call to be a rebel; perhaps the most important convergence of our time.

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