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Santander, Spain || Art Director


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I read, I hear, I feel - I think - and then I create.

Creative philosophy or approach

The recipe to create interesting work is to live an interesting life. Most of the insights I had that resonated widely and deeply came not from data mined using precise keywords, but something someone said one time on the metro, a book on how to survive middle school, a devastating break-up, or the haunting melody of a street musician.

Recent work I’m proud of

An integrated Halloween campaign I worked on for Burger King called 'Happy Halloween' is the furthest thing from being scary. For one day, Burger King will turn its restaurants into safe, bright, lively havens because the reality we are living in is scary enough. The campaign won a bronze at the Oneshow Young Ones.

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Isha Sharma recent work

Recent work I admired

Courage' for Dove Canada by Ogilvy was a campaign that moved me intensely. It is just a portrait series of women and men that are working on the frontlines during the Covid-19 crisis with mask impressions on their faces. It is simple, powerful, and does not need any words. Perfect for the brand too.

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